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Some Basic Business Information about Brazil

Brazil is a very large country with a growing population (155.4 million in 2000 on 8,511,965 square kilometers) and an increasing accumulation of wealth. The State of Bahia is an important component of that Nation with 12.5 million people and 567,300 square kilometers. These Pages are intended to provide the interested business visitor, the tourist and the real estate buyer with a first glimpse and lots of initial contact points to sources of information about this amazing Nation. It, obviously, can never be comprehensive enough and any suggestions about how to improve these pages are welcome. So for now:

Enjoy Brazil !

Since the 1960's, Brazil has seen a tremendous growth and modernization of its economy. Even though it is still thought of as a developing country, its economy is one of the worlds ten largest. You will find some economic information in the publications show below. Most of the economic information and economic newspapers in Brazil are naturally in Portuguese. We have singled out what is available in English. In addition, to the items below, the Financial Times has often excellent, economic and technical surveys on Brazil. There are also reports by the Economists Intelligence Unit.

Internet Sites with Tourist and other Information about Bahia

tripadvisor Everything you need to know to arrange your travels and hotel stays in Bahia
travelchannel More information on Brazil and Bahia, hotels, travel, sites, history
Salvadorcentral Probably the best tourist and historic or music information site about Salvador and Bahia. Written by two Americans who also have apartments for rent and have many years of experience in Bahia
Travelandleisure Hotel and Travel site about Salvador and Bahia
Salvador and the Bahia Coast from the Fodor's Travel Guide Always a solid Guide to Travel with
UNESCO's World Heritage Sites The description of Salvador on the UNESCO list.. Information site for tourists, travelers and prospective real estate investors .....surfing, capoieira, carnival, Come to one of the best places in Brazil

Economic Information Sources

Brazil is a country of enormous economic contrasts. When you travel across the country, you will be confronted by Sao Paulo's industrial might, ranging from high tech to aero space to the steel industry. Then, only a few hundred miles in any direction, you will see production techniques, that have barely left the Middle Ages and the beginning of the colonial area. While economic development has in the 20th Century, initially been slow, the last few years witnessed a marked acceleration. Waste, in the form of projects started, and never completed, has always been a hallmark of the Brazilian economic and political systems. But, even that has been reduced, during the last few years, as politicians and industrialists appear to get a handle on managing an ever more complex economy, with a real impact on the world at large.

Federal Government The official site of the Federal Government of Brazil. Contains information on almost anything Brazilian, but only in Portuguese
Ministry of Finance The official site of the Federal Ministry of Finance. Economic and Financial Data - in English, Portuguese and Spanish
American Chamber of Commerce in Brazil InfoBrazil offers English-language analysis and opinion on Brazilian current affairs. Excellent Information site with Economic Data, Investment Data and some Market Analysis
Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics Federal Office of Statistics on Economics and Demographics, Finance etc. Massive amount of data. Most is in Portuguese, English and Spanish.
SCI Equifax Credit Information Bureau A commercial registry. SCI Corporate provides detailed commercial information on all types of companies in Brazil. SCI Personal reports on the commercial profile of individuals throughout Brazil. English, Portuguese and Spanish
The Ministry of the Exterior Department of Commercial Promotion site of the Ministry of the Exterior Relations, offers up to date information on commercial chances and of investment in Brazil.
DATAMARK Detailed information by categories of products for the following sectors: packaging, consumer goods and services worldwide. Analysis of sectors includes: automotive, cleaning, electronics, food and beverages, health and beauty, packaging, plastics and white line goods. Additional information such as data on South American markets, demographics, macro-economics and foreign trade is available. Clients need a password, but some information is provided for free. English and Portuguese
ASSOC. OF AMERICAN CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE IN LATIN AMERICA News on Latin America's economies and links to other relevant sites. Calendar of events and list of AACCLA's publications. English

If you do not speak or read Portuguese, information on the Brazilian economy is now easier to come by, than it used to be a few years ago. Still, if you really want to know about the country, you have to find yourself in a Portuguese course. It is not an easy language, but it will enable you to enter a fascinating culture and great literature. For the English speakers, we have selected some books from amazon that should provide you with some insight into Brazil.

For travel related guides look at our travel page which concentrates mainly on Bahia.

Some Books about Brazil from

To our German visitors: Weil diese Seiten eine ganze Anzahl von deutschen Besuchern erhaelt, haben wir hier auch eine Liste von deutschsprachigen Buechern ueber Brasilien die sie alle bei kaufen koennen:

Buecher ueber Brasilien in Deutsch von

Fuer Reiseliteratur und Reisebegleiter, gehen sie doch zu unserer Reiseseite, die sich hauptsaechlich auf Bahia konzentriert!

General Business Information and On-Line Directories

Brazil has now about 80 million working people and more than 33% are female. About 15% of the employed work in agriculture. Most of them are landless peasants, since the agricultural industry is dominated by large and very large industrial units owned by fazendeiros (large estate owners) and their families.

About 15% of the employed work in industry and about 30% in service jobs of one sorts or another. Underemployment is widespread and cheap labor is readily available. Though, not easy to control. While Brazilian workers are generally industrious and hard working, the working moral of the underemployed is not very elevated!

Porvenir Inc. Porvenir Inc. provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date company and industry database for Latin America available today. Porvenir provides on-line access to information on more than 2,700 Latin American companies and 26 industry sectors in the seven largest Latin American markets. English
LAFIS A secure site offering comprehensive investment information on principal markets in Latin America. Country reports and analysis of Mercosur and privatizations are made available to clients who have a password and pay with credit card. English, Portuguese, Spanish
Banco Brazil Website on Agrobusiness The site started - off with 150 companies. The Minister of Agriculture, Marcus VinĂ­cius Pratini de Moraes emphasized the importance of the new website as a meeting point for all productive agricultural sectors. Portuguese only
The Brazilian Counterpart to the American Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. Information in English and Portuguese
Ministry of Economic Development A complete source for researching foreign trade, Brazilian imports and exports, international trade agreements, and data on the National System of Preferences.

Most of the industry is sytill concentrated around Sao Paulo. An area which produces almost 50% of Brazils industrial output. The most important industrial sector is still the car industry, with Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, Renault and Fiat being present with local assembly plants. But during the last few years Brazil has become one of the major producers of commuter aircraft with Embraer rivaling any producer in the world in terms of quality of the products and innovation.

Newspapers, Internet Portals with some relevance to Business Issues and News Sources in English and Portuguese

Brazil always had a lively press and TV culture. Although, there was strong censorship during the years of the military regimes. But, currently, Newspapers and TV have recovered and often exhibit an energy that has few rivals in the world. The popular press can be vicious and unforgiving, as many celebrities and politicians have found out, to the detriment. The Brazilian press makes the domestic press in the USA, look tame, conformist, and towing a conservative "government" line!

AgĂȘncia Folha On-Line News Pages from Sao Paulo
(Folha de SĂŁo Paulo On-line) - Portuguese only A Major Brazilian Internet Portal based in Sao Paulo - Portuguese only
Estado de Minas Portal in the State of Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte). Concentrates somewhat on Information Technology but has general Business Information as well - Portuguese only
Gazeta Mercantil Online Major Brazilian Commercial and Business Newspaper with extensive on-line site in English, Portuguese and Spanish
The Brazil Trade Net The Brazilian Governments Trade Organization. Useful Information. There are also studies and research on products and markets. English, Portuguese and Spanish
Jornal do Brasil JB Online is a major Newspaper and On-Line Information site in Brazil - Portuguese only
Maria-Brazil A very useful page on cultural differences.Take them to heart, especially the ones about clothing and social customs.
GLOBO is the largest Portal and private Radio/TV company in Brazil - Portuguese only
Business News Americas On-Line Business News Site for Latin America with large Section on Brazil - English
Business Culture Guides Executiveplanet has a series of useful guides for the not so internationally savvy businessman who ventures into Brazil and other countries. Very recommendable!

The printed business press in Brazil is quite analytical with good and solid reporting on a wide range of domestic and international topics. It is easy to get international newspapers in the large coastal cities, but rather more difficult when you travel to more remote cities and areas in the interior.

The Brazilian TV industry is enormous and produces a constant succession of tele novellas (soap operas) that are exported to the whole of Latin America as well as to Africa, the Philippines, Spain and Portugal.

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